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About The Department

We aim to provide updated and evidenced based treatment to both inpatient and outpatient care for patients attending Department of Psychiatry

Our department imparts knowledge to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of psychiatry

Our department provides a comprehensive Mental Health Care.

Services offered:

  1. Outpatient & Inpatient Care for Psychoses
  2. Outpatient & Inpatient services for minor psychiatric disorders
  3. Detox and Rehabilitation for Substance Abuse.
  4. Assessment of IQ
  5. Assessment of Disability
  6. Stress Management
  7. Time Management
  8. Motivational practices
  9. Positive Mental Heath
  10.  Academic achievements
  11. Geriatric Services
  12. Women related Mental Health Issues
  13. Adolescent Problem
  14. Career Counseling
  15. Sex Therapy
  16. Liaison Psychiatry
  17. Emergency Services
  18. Mental Counseling

Special Services:

  1. Monday: Geriatric OP
  2. Tuesday: Child and Adolescent OP
  3. Wednesday: Drug Addiction OP
  4.  Thursday: Neurosis OP
  5.  Friday: Sex Therapy

Head of the Department

Dr.T.V.ASOKAN M.B.B.S, DPM,  M.D.(Psychiatry)

Formerly Professor of Psychiatry & HOD Stanley Medical College & Hospital, Chennai.

31 years of teaching experience at UG and PG level of Medicine/Psychiatry
Presented and published papers in Forensic Psychiatry and Sex in International/National level
Authored 3 books on Mental Health in Tamil
Appeared more than 200 times in television channels in debates and discussions related to Mental Health.
Positions held
1.Editor Stanley Medical College
2.Hony General Secretary,Indian Psychiatric Society TamilNadu
3.Hony General Secretary,Indian Psychiatric Society,South India 2001-03
4.National Executive Council Direct member Indian Psychiatric Society 1999-02
5.Past  Asst.Editor-History Section,Indian Journal of Psychiatry
6.President – South Zone branch of Indian Psychiatric Society 2010
7.Faculty member,Mental Health Task Force,Indian Psychiatric Society,India
8.President Indian Psychiatric Society 2014
9.Past President,Asian Federation of Psychiatric Association
10.Member,Prevention Psychiatry Committee,World Psychiatric Association
11.Zonal Representative-South Asia, World Psychiatric Association 2014-2017
12.Hony Life Member,World Psychiatric Association
13.Executive Council member-World Association of Dynamic Psychiatry

List of faculties

Dr. Umesh.G – Associate Professor
Dr.V.U.Karthikeyan – Associate Professor
Dr.Anshul Ramesh – Assistant Professor
Dr. Karpaga Lakshmi.R – Assistant Professor
Dr.K.Preethi – Senior Resident
Dr. Poonguzhali J – Junior Resident 
Dr. Vanitha A – Junior Resident 
SINDHU BHARATHI T – Junior Resident