Sri Muthukumaran Medical College



Sl No YearName of the workshop/ seminar Date: From – ToNumber of participants
12018-19Workshop  on Research in Cerebral Palsy 16-07-2018140
22018-19Seminar on  Good clinical practice – Polytrauma management01-08-2018135
32018-19Workshop on Good Clinical Practice-Basic Life Support – 201802-08-2018140
42018-19Seminar on recent research on  venous drainage of lower limb08-08-201820
52018-19Workshop on Good Clinical Practice- Advanced Life Support – 201816-08-201854
62018-19Seminar on Good laboratory practices – Biohazard16-08-201864
72018-19Seminar on Clinical practice of  generic vs branded drugs06-09-2018138
82018-19Seminar on Good Laboratory Practice-“The role of microbes in human health “12-09-2018140
92018-19Seminar on Clinical trials of Bronchodilators12-09-2018126
102018-19Training program Good laboratory practice 201820-09-201876
112018-19Seminar on Good clinical practice in Dengue Fever trials04-10-2018130
122018-19Workshop on  Good clinical practice – Trials in POP application10-10-201815
132018-19Seminar on Writing a Research Proposal 12-10-201842
142018-19Seminar on Recent research in Inborn Errors of Metabolism & Applications of Protocols15-10-2018145
152018-19Seminar on laboratory informatory system 13-11-2018120
162018-19Seminar on Good Laboratory Practice-Antibiotic resistance.14-11-2018132
172018-19Seminar on Research questionnaire development15-11-2018135
182018-19Seminar on principles of Good Pharmacy practices22-11-2018102
192018-19Workshop on Good clinical practice – Trials using Thomas splint 05-12-201815
202018-19Seminar on Research in Asthma education06-12-2018112
212018-19Recent research on Embryological significance of congenital anomalies of heart11-12-201820
222018-19Seminar on  Good Pharmacy practices- Essential Medicine 30-01-2019109
232018-19Seminar on automation in laboratory 07-02-2019118
242018-19Seminar on Research Study designs 11-02-2019120
252018-19Seminar on good pharmacy practices- Judicious use of Antibiotics 22-02-2019140
262018-19Seminar on recent research on Clinical anatomy of mammary gland12-03-201920
272018-19Seminar on Optimizing Medication Safety for good clinical practice18-03-2019120
282018-19Training program – Research  Methodology 10-04-201976
292018-19Seminar on data types in research methodology 15-04-2019126
302018-19Seminar on Good Laboratory Practice in Diabetes & its management .10-06-2019139
312018-19Webinar on Proposal Writing for ICMR-STS10-07-201920
322018-19Seminar on Good Clinical Practice- Sunscreens in Dermatology23-07-201915
332019-20Workshop  on Bandaging methods – Good clinical practice02-08-201915
342019-20Seminar on Good clinical practice in Trauma 02-08-2019136
352019-20Workshop on Good Clinical Practice- Advanced Life Support – 201914-08-201947
362019-20Workshop on Good clinical practice in Bronchial Asthma treatment  16-08-2019140
372019-20Workshop on Good Clinical Practice- Basic Life Support – 201907-09-2019132
382019-20Seminar on Good Clinical Practice- Antifungal resistance, current trends and future strategies to combat
392019-20Seminar on Good Laboratory Practice-ELISA18-09-201912
402019-20Seminar on research on nutrition in TB patients18-09-201989
412019-20Seminar on Good clinical practice – Breast Feeding05-10-2019125
422019-20Seminar on Presentation of research data10-10-2019140
432019-20Seminar on Good laboratory practice – Hand wash Hygiene10-10-2019110
442019-20Seminar on Designing data collection tool for Epidemiological  research14-10-2019133
452019-20Training program on Good clinical practices of Donor Selection 15-10-2019109
462019-20Seminar on Good Clinical Practice on clinical approach  of stroke 08-11-201915
472019-20Seminar on Ensuring Good Pharmacy Practices21-11-2019126
482019-20Seminar on Good Laboratory Practice-Lipid profile markers in Heart diseases.04-12-2019130
492019-20Seminar on Implementing Good Pharmacy Practices12-12-2019131
502019-20Seminar on Sampling techniques in health research16-12-2019125
512019-20Workshop on Good clinical practice – Trials in Below Knee POP application16-12-201915
522019-20Seminar on quality management in a laboratory setting18-12-2019118
532019-20Workshop clinical research in conservative management of blunt injuries03-02-202015
542019-20Hands on Workshop on Good Clinical Practice-Fibre Optic Laryngoscopy 07-02-202020
552019-20Seminar on Good clinical practice in the use of antihistamines  13-02-2020114
562019-20Seminar on Good Clinical practices- GOLD guidelines19-02-2020120
572019-20Seminar on Epidemiological research methods03-03-2020132
582019-20Training program on sample spill management  for safe laboratory practice04-03-2020125
592019-20Workshop on Recent research in Molecular Techniques – Biomedical Application 09-03-2020 & 10-03-202020
602019-20Seminar on Writing a Research Protocol17-03-2020127
Seminar on Good laboratory practice in needle stick injuries
622019-20Seminar on Recent research on upper limb  injuries21-04-202050
632019-20Workshop on Good laboratory practices involving Cord Blood Sampling10-06-2020138
642019-20Seminar on Research in drug resistance of Enteric pathogens 20-07-2020140
652019-20Workshop on Good Clinical Practice-Basic life support – 2020 23-07-2020146
662020-21Seminar on Research in Emergency Orthopedics01-08-2020140
672020-21Webinar on Proposal Writing for ICMR-STS -202018-08-202050
682020-21Workshop on Good Clinical Practice-Advanced Life Support – 202019-08-202046
692020-21Training program on COVID Trials – Good clinical practice01-09-2020109
702020-21Webinar on Data analytics and its presentation in Research24-09-2020126
712020-21Training program on COVID precautions in sample collections 07-10-2020133
722020-21Seminar on Clinical trials on anti depressants 08-10-202040
732020-21Webinar on Sampling  in experimental research15-10-2020138
742020-21Seminar on Good Laboratory Practice- Hepatitis  Diagnosis 21-10-2020140
752020-21Workshop on Immobilization methods in fractures- Recent clinical Trials02-11-202015
762020-21Seminar on clinical trials in sleep disorders11-11-202025
772020-21Webinar on Good clinical practice – Orientation16-11-2020150
782020-21Seminar on Orientation to Good Laboratory Practices19-11-2020120
792020-21Webinar on Good clinical Practice in Ocular allergies 30-11-2020150
802020-21Webinar on Good clinical practices  in Strabismus07-12-2020150
812020-21Seminar on recent research on surgical anatomy of parotid gland08-12-202050
822020-21Webinar on safe clinical practice in Ophthalmia neonatorum  22-12-2020150
832020-21Basics of Quality control & CAPA for good laboratory practice28-12-202015
842020-21Training program on Good clinical practices in Orthopedics01-02-202115
852020-21Good clinical practice on Management of Uncooperative Patient
862020-21Quality Assurance in Medical Diagnostic Laboratories 15-03-2021100
872020-21Seminar on study types in health research25-03-2021141
882020-21Training program on Good laboratory pratices in pathology25-03-2021122
892020-21Seminar on Research in Breathing techniques25-03-2021104
902020-21Seminar on Good clinical Practice of CSF Rhinorrhea26-03-202184
912020-21Seminar on Good clinical Practice of Facial fractures08-04-2021100
922020-21Workshop on Good Clinical Practice of Basic life support – 202110-04-2021143
932020-21Training program on guidelines in Good laboratory pratices 22-04-202176
942020-21Workshop on Designing clinical research Data Collection Tool26-04-202142
952020-21Webinar on ocular trauma  – Good clinical practice01-05-2021150
962020-21Seminar on  recent research in arrhythmias03-05-202115
972020-21Seminar on Good clinical Practice-ENT Surgeries15-05-202160
982020-21Seminar on Overview of Data Entry in clinical research17-05-2021122
992020-21Seminar on Good clinical practice – Biohazard 202119-05-202164
1002020-21Workshop  on  Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia – Good clinical practice06-06-2021140
1012020-21Seminar on Good Pharmacy practices to control Adverse drug reaction 13-07-2021125
1022021-22Seminar on Proposal Writing for ICMR-STS-202105-08-202115
1032021-22Seminar on Good clinical practice in Trauma 202105-08-2021140
1042021-22Webinar on data analysis in research methodology07-09-2021106
1052021-22Seminar on Research in Blood Transfusion reactions07-09-2021100
1062021-22Seminar on Steps in conducting health research13-09-2021128
1072021-22Seminar on Clinical trials on respiratory allergies 14-09-2021132
1082021-22Seminar on Good Pharmacy practices in administering anti hypertensive drugs20-09-2021101
1092021-22Workshop  on Clinical trial in treatment of  Tuberculosis in children 23-09-2021140
1102021-22Seminar on Recent Research-Anatomy of Nose14-10-202115
1112021-22Training program on laboratory sample handling in pandemic14-10-2021109
1122021-22Seminar on Good clinical Practice-Management of hirsutism27-10-202118
1132021-22Seminar on Good Clinical Practices – PIH29-10-2021140
1142021-22Seminar on Good Clinical Practices – PCOS03-11-2021140
1152021-22Recent advances and research on Mental Health 10-11-202180
1162021-22Workshop on Orientation of Good clinical practice in trials involving POP application12-11-202115
1172021-22Seminar on Good Pharmacy practices used in COVID-19 infection12-11-2021121
1182021-22Seminar on Current updates in hemoglobinopathies for safe clinical practice17-11-2021125
1192021-22Seminar on management of portal hypertension-Good Clinical Practice08-12-202120
1202021-22Workshop on Good Clinical Practice- Advanced Life Support – 202109-12-202166
1212021-22Workshop Clinical research in conservative management of blunt injuries – 202219-01-202215
1222021-22Seminar on Good Clinical Practices – Primary Amenorrhoea28-01-2022140
1232021-22Workshop  on Immunization Trials – Good clinical practice21-02-2022134
1242021-22Workshop on Good clinical Practice-Fractional CO2 laser therapy23-02-202210
1252021-22Seminar on Good Clinical Practice of Handling Breech02-03-2022140
1262021-22Good Clinical practice and Efficient Time Management Skills14-03-202250
1272021-22Seminar on PAP smears as a tool in Good clinical practice19-03-2022119
1282021-22Seminar on Proposal Writing for ICMR short term research projects12-04-202250
1292021-22Seminar on myocardial infarction-Good Clinical Practice12-04-202220
1302021-22Seminar on Recent Updates in Thyroid disorders for effective clinical practice18-04-202250
1312021-22Workshop on sample size calculation for clinical research proposals18-04-202245
1322021-22Seminar on Epidemiological study designs21-04-202238
1332021-22Hands on Training in Blood Collection for safe laboratory practices22-04-2022118
1342021-22Seminar on Recent Research – Artificial intelligence in microbiology 25-04-2022102
1352021-22Seminar on Good Clinical Practices in Infertility28-04-202240
1362021-22Seminar on Intellectual property rights06-05-202210
1372021-22Training program on COVID precautions in clinical settings07-05-2022109
1382021-22Seminar on Good clinical practice in nebulisation techniques11-05-2022125
1392021-22Seminar on Good clinical practices -Vitamin A deficiency27-05-2022100
1402021-22Seminar on Good Clinical Practices – Multiple Pregnancy 31-05-202225
1412021-22Seminar on Good Clinical Practice in mangament of gestational diabetes mellitus06-06-2022132
Seminar  on  Research gaps in Nephrotic Syndrome 
1432021-22Ethical Frame Work For Health Research20-06-202230
1442021-22Seminar on Good Clinical Practices – Anaemia In Pregnancy 23-06-2022125
1452021-22Seminar on guidelines of Good clinical practice 30-06-202210
1462021-22Seminar on Clinical Trials: Phases and Methodologies19-07-2022129
1472021-22Workshop on Good Clinical Practice-IPL22-07-202220
1482021-22Seminar on Quality control in Clinical Laboratory27-07-202225
1492021-22Seminar on Glaucoma awareness – Good clinical practice28-07-202220
1502022-23Seminar on Research in recent advances on neural tube defects10-08-202220
1512022-23Seminar on Research in Polytrauma 11-08-2022135
1522022-23Workshop on Good Clinical Practice – Basic life support training for medical professionals -202218-08-2022138
1532022-23Workshop on Good Clinical Practice- Advanced Life Support training for medical professionals -202222-08-202266
1542022-23Seminar on Good Pharmacy practices of newer insulin preparation24-08-2022117
1552022-23Current updates in Research on Sleep Hygiene05-09-202220
1562022-23Seminar on Intellectual property rights with special reference to health sector09-09-202218
1572022-23Seminar on Good Clinical practice in Management of COPD09-09-2022128
1582022-23Seminar on Good clinical Practice- Effective management of Allergic Rhinitis17-09-2022110
1592022-23Seminar on Good Pharmacy practices-Oral minocycline in dermatology13-10-202214
1602022-23Workshop  on  Good clinical practice – NALS17-10-2022102
1612022-23Seminar on Ethical Issues in Clinical Pharmacology Research17-10-2022105
1622022-23Workshop on data analysis as health research fundamentals18-10-202246
1632022-23Seminar on quality management in clinical settings+C17418-10-2022118
1642022-23Seminar on Good clinical practices – Avoidable Blindness27-10-202215
1652022-23Orientation to intellectual property rights15-11-202271
1662022-23Seminar on recent research advancements in the treatment of AGA 19-11-202215
1672022-23Seminar on Good clinical practice guidelines in Perinatal Asphyxia22-11-2022140
1682022-23Seminar on Good clinical practice in Eye donation25-11-202210
1692022-23Training program on Good laboratory practice in haematology25-11-2022123
1702022-23Training program on Good clinical practices in Orthopedics – 202212-12-202215
1712022-23Entrepreneurship – The Value Creation, Customer Value Proposition21-12-202279
1722022-23Seminar on Good Clinical Practices- Neck Dissection05-01-202390
1732022-23Entrepreneurship – Managing your startup the right way in clinical practice11-01-202391
1742022-23Study Design, Sampling Methods, Selection of Study Population -An Overview17-01-202350
1752022-23Entrepreneurship – Finance for entrepreneurs of a clinical  industry27-01-202381
1762022-23Seminar on recent advances in the drug delivery of Minoxidil01-02-202315
1772022-23Workshop  on Research involving Neonatal HIV01-02-2023124
1782022-23Workshop clinical research in conservative management of blunt injuries – 202302-02-202315
1792022-23Good clinical practices- peripheral neuropathies09-02-202350
1802022-23Seminar on Pharmacovigilance : Monitoring Drug Safety and Research17-02-2023136
1812022-23Intellectual property rights with special reference to health20-02-202387
1822022-23Prescription Writing of Anti Psychotics & Anti Depressants for good clinical practice04-03-202365
1832022-23Seminar on Good Clinical Practices – CPD08-03-2023127
1842022-23Seminar on Emerging Trends in Pharmacological Research13-03-2023128
1852022-23Seminar on Good Clinical practice- Adult Vaccination20-03-2023140
1862022-23Seminar on reference management in research using Zotero software 28-03-2023128
1872022-23Seminar on Inhaler techniques for Good Clinical Practice28-03-2023113
1882022-23Seminar on Good laboratory practice guidelines 202329-03-2023122
1892022-23Seminar on recent advancement in management of Melasma for safe clinical practice08-04-202311
1902022-23Workshop  on Research involving Neonatal Hypoglycemia 15-04-2023130
1912022-23Seminar on how to write a proposal for clinical research20-04-202310
1922022-23Seminar on Formulating research objectives, hypothesis and methodology24-04-2023132
1932022-23Workshop  on Good Clinical Practice of Electrocautery techniques24-04-202312
1942022-23Seminar on Recent research in Variants of COVID 1924-04-2023129
1952022-23Seminar on Good clinical practice in Retinopathy of  prematurity (ROP)25-04-2023200
1962022-23Training program Clinical trials – Good clinical pratice27-04-202364
1972022-23Workshop on Recent techniques on Temporal Bone dissection for a safe clinical practice28-04-20235
1982022-23Seminar on Indian patent Act05-05-202312
1992022-23Seminar on Good Clinical Practices – Recurrent Pregnancy loss 05-05-2023132
2002022-23Seminar on Good clinical practices – Corneal ulcer08-05-202315
2012022-23Seminar on Good clinical practices- Antibiotic Stewardship09-05-2023120
Seminar on Good clinical Practice-Laryngomalacia
Seminar on Research on Emergencies in Psychiatry
2042022-23Seminar on Good Clinical practice – Clinical trials in Ophthalmology19-05-202315
2052022-23Seminar on Good Laboratory Practice -Automation in Microbiology 23-05-202317
2062022-23Workshop  on Good clinical practice in Neonatal  Resuscitation 27-05-202394
2072022-23Seminar on critical alert in laboratory practice30-05-2023123
2082022-23Seminar on Recent research on PCR Techniques & its Applications in Medicine05-06-202350
2092022-23Seminar on Good Clinical Practices – Post dated in Pregnancy07-06-2023132
2102022-23Workshop on Basic life support for safe prctices in clinical emergencies08-06-2023148
2112022-23Seminar on Good Laboratory Practice- Blood gas analysis12-06-202325
2122022-23Workshop on Advanced Life Support for good clinical practice in medical emergencies13-06-202370
Seminar on Good clinical Practice of OSA
2142022-23Role of Helsinki Declaration in clinical research18-06-202345
2152022-23Seminar on Good Clinical Practice of Leprosy mangement26-06-2023132
2162022-23Seminar on how to present a research article in journal club26-06-202310