Sri Muthukumaran Medical College



About The Department

Department of Dermatology provides complete outright dermatological care for needy patients. We have achieved many milestones in Dermatology services and have attained our present position.

We have been providing inpatient care and outpatient care throughout the year. We are providing excellent services in clinical Dermatology, Peadiatric Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology and Dermatosurgeries.

People from far away places seek our department for the better care, diagnostic and treatment skills of our doctors.

Services offered:

  • Diagnosis and management of all type of skin problems.
  • STD- Sexually transmitted diseases management
  • Leprosy – management
  • Treatment of Nail Disorders
  • Treatment of Hair Disorders
  • Provide cosmetic and aesthetic services
  • Immunotherapy for viral warts

In order to provide special attention and comprehensive care, we are running special clinics

  • Monday – Psoriasis clinic
  • Tuesday – Vitiligo and Pigmentaroy disorders clinic
  • Wednesday – Bulla Clinic
  • Thursday – Wart Clinic
  • Friday – Autoimmune disease

Infra Structure

We have spacious well lighted and ventilated Out Patient cabins and departmental side lab
We maintain a separate well-equipped sterile Operation Theatre for Dermatosurgery procedures

Head of the Department

HOD of Anatomy is the first stepping stone in laying out a firm foundation for medical aspirants. With the sound grasp of normal body structure; medical professionals are able to reason out a just rationale towards any disease.
Academic teaching comprises of 9 Subdivisions along with Research education to stimulate and boost new ideas in Research domain. Postgraduate and other allied students also undergo training in the department.

The subject dynamism attracts General and Super Speciality surgeons to revisit cadaveric lab for advance skill sharpening and explore new surgical interventions on cadavers.


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