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S.NoUGC Care Journal IDPublication TitleJournal NameYear of PublicationISSN NumberLink to the Recognition in UGC Enlistment of the JournalsAuthor/s NameWebLinkCategory
1101003035Clinical profile and atypical manifestation of dengue fever cases between 2011 and 2018 in Chennai, IndiaJOURNAL OF FAMILY MEDICINE AND PRIMARY CARE20202249-4863, Kamalraj; Malaiyan, Jeevan; Nasimuddin, Sowmya; Devasir, Ravin Sathyaseelan; Meenakshi-Sundaram, PradeepRaj; Selvaraj, Santhiya; Krishnasamy, Bharathi; Gnanadesikan, Sumathi; Karthikeyan, Muthulakshmi; Kandasamy, Mohanakrishnan; Jayakumar, Nithyalakshmi; Elumalai, Dhevahi; Ra, Gokul G. Care Group 1
2101003035Knowledge, awareness, and attitude among the employees in emergency ambulance services towards traumatic dental injuriesJOURNAL OF FAMILY MEDICINE AND PRIMARY CARE20192249-4863, C. Chrishantha; Kumar, M. Kawin; Ramraj, Balaji Care Group 1
3101003035Mental health of hypertensive patients and its association with their blood pressure in a rural area of Kancheepuram District, Tamil NaduJOURNAL OF FAMILY MEDICINE AND PRIMARY CARE20222249-4863, Indra B.; Muthukumar, T.; Raja, V. Pragadeesh; Thresa, Sahaya S. Care Group 1
4101051820Morphometric and biomechanical analysis of gracilis and semitendinosus tendons: A cadaveric study in the South Indian settingMGM Journal of Medical Sciences20222347-7946 Pulimi, Subramanian Ramesh Kumar, Muthu Kumar T Care Group 1
521100286921Abdominal actinomycosis mimicking malignancy: A case reportIDCases20212214-2509 H.; Pingili A.; Venugopal D. care Group 2
621100202909Antidiabetic potential of polyherbal drug against high-fat diet-induced type 2 diabetes mellitus male Wistar ratsDrug Invention Today20190975-7619 R.; Elumalai N.; Alagirisamy R.; Anbazhagan M. care Group 2
717486Anti-neuropathic effect of 7,3′-dihydroxyflavone in paclitaxel induced peripheral neuropathy in mice involving GABAA, KATP channel and adenosine receptorsNeurochemistry International20220197-0186 K.; Shanmugasundaram J.; Manoharan R.; Subramanian V.; Kathirvelu P.; Vijayaraghavan R. care Group 2
815968An update on the origin of SARS-CoV-2: Despite closest identity, bat (RaTG13) and pangolin derived coronaviruses varied in the critical binding site and O-linked glycan residuesJournal of Medical Virology20210146-6615 J.; Arumugam S.; Mohan K.; Gomathi Radhakrishnan G. care Group 2
921000195014A Retrospective Case Control Study to Evaluate the Frequency of Pap Smear Abnormalities among HIV-seropositive and HIV-seronegative WomenJournal of South Asian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology20230974-8938 R.B.P.; Sureshbabu G.; Desu S.V.; Subramanian V. care Group 2
1028618Association between six-minute walk tests with lung diffusion capacity for carbon monoxide in chronic respiratory disease: A cross-sectional studyBiomedicine (India)20220970-2067 K.; Mani A.P.; Gururaj P.; Balakrishnan H. care Group 2
1121101061920Association of N-Terminal telopeptide-1 with BMD in patients with osteopenia and osteoporosisResearch Results in Biomedicine20222658-6533 P.; Chand L.; Menon G.; Aruna L.p.; Silambanan S. care Group 2
1217942Basic and clinical neuroscience: a tale of dreadful trade in IndiaNeurological Sciences20221590-1874 S.; Shekhar S.; Garg P. care Group 2
134500151504Clinical implications in orbital and pterional flap surgeries as well as radioimaging studies to determine topographical prevalence and characterization of meningo-orbital foramen in orbits of the Indian population; [Implicaciones clínicas en cirugías de colgajo orbitario y pterional, así como estudios de radioimagen para determinar la prevalencia topográfica y la caracterización del foramen meningoorbitario en órbitas de la población India]International Journal of Morphology20200717-9367 M.V.; Anupriya A.; Devi G.D.; Tanna N.A.; Mudiraj N.R.; Das S. care Group 2
1421101058426Comparative Morphological and Morphometrical Analysis of Atrio-Ventricular Valves of Human and PorcineInternational Journal of Anatomy and Research20232321-8967 S.; Vijaykumar K.; Supasakthi S.; Manimozhian N. care Group 2
1521100317746Covid-19-related mucormycotic osteomyelitis of the maxilla: A case report of findings, surgical management and post-surgical rehabilitationWorld Journal of Dentistry20210976-6006 Y.; Kumar Y.N.; Bharani K.; Balaji T.M.; Varadarajan S.; Raj T.; Patil S. care Group 2
1618639Device-handling study of a novel breath-actuated inhaler, Synchrobreathe®, versus a pMDIRespiratory Medicine20200954-6111 S.; Apte K.; Singh B.P.; Deb A.K.; Deshmukh C.; Modi K.; Godse A.; Dhar R.; Lahiri K.R.; Singh V.; Pandya H.; Rajan S.; Vaidya A.; Gaur V.; Gogtay J. care Group 2
1713732Ectopic Lingual Thyroid—A Rare PresentationIndian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery20232231-3796 L.; Sunitha M.; Kirupananthan N.; Kannaiyan G.; Kasinathan B.; Praveen M.R.; Rao S.M. care Group 2
1821101021075Effect of polyherbal drug on oxidative stress and insulin resistance in high-fat diet-induced type 2 diabetic ratsAll Life20202689-5293 R.; Elumalai N.; Alagirisamy R. care Group 2
1921101045276Epidemiology of Voice Disorders Among Government School Teachers-An Analytical Cross-Sectional Study from Kanchipuram DistrictNational Journal of Community Medicine20220976-3325 G.; Ganesan V.; Shantaram R.V.; Palanisamy K.; Katam I. care Group 2
2028618Estimation of gestational age using foetal kidney length during second and third trimester in south Indian populationBiomedicine (India)20200970-2067 K.; Gnaneshwar A.; Kumar R.D.; Parvathavarthine C.R.; Sri Santhana Krishnan V care Group 2
2121000195014Fertility-sparing Surgery in Sertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor of the Ovary: A Case ReportJournal of South Asian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology20230974-8938 T.R.B.; Senthilkumar M.P.A.; Palanisamy A.; Dharmalingam P. care Group 2
2219700188435Fosfomycin susceptibility among urinary enterococcus faecalis with high level aminoglycoside and glycopeptide resistant phenotypesIndian Journal of Public Health Research and Development20190976-0245 A.; Padmavathy K.; Shabana P.; Gnanadesikan S.; Malaiyan J.; Shoba T. care Group 2
2325930Hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory potential of chebulagic acid on carbon tetrachloride–induced hepatic fibrosis by antioxidative activities in ratsComparative Clinical Pathology20211618-5641 R.; Ganesh V.; Nandhakumar E.; Muthu K. care Group 2
2425241Hesperidin, a citrus flavonoid ameliorates hyperglycemia by regulating key enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsToxicology Mechanisms and Methods20191537-6516 R.; Nandhakumar E.; Haseena Banu H. care Group 2
2519700174924Higher incidence of Pristinamycin resistance among Enterococcus faecium with iMLSB/cMLSB phenotypeBiomedical and Pharmacology Journal20200974-6242 A.; Padmavathy K.; Shabana P.; Gnanadesikan S.; Malaiyan J. care Group 2
2619700188435High level aminoglycoside resistance in clinical isolates of enterococciIndian Journal of Public Health Research and Development20190976-0245 A.; Padmavathy K.; Shabana P.; Gnanadesikan S.; Malaiyan J. care Group 2
2721100824459Impact of educational intervention on the knowledge, attitude, and practice of pharmacovigilance among postgraduates of a tertiary care center, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, IndiaPerspectives in Clinical Research20222229-3485 N.; Kathirvelu P.; Manoharan R. care Group 2
2819600166028Improved detection of esp, hyl, asa1, gelE, cylA virulence genes among clinical isolates of EnterococciBMC Research Notes20201756-0500 A.; Padmavathy K.; Shabana P.; Naveenkumar V.; Gnanadesikan S.; Malaiyan J. care Group 2
2921100976730Introducing stimulogenetics, unraveling pertinent semantic ambiguity, and determining clinical relevance among novel neuromodulation strategiesBiology Methods and Protocols20222396-8923 P.; Muthiah S.; Sengupta S. care Group 2
3021101045276Is Neck Circumference A Better Measure for Determining Obesity? A Cross-Sectional Analytical Study to Assess Its Validity in Type II Diabetes Mellitus PatientNational Journal of Community Medicine20220976-3325 G.; Meriton Stanly A.; Katam I.; Raja A. care Group 2
3128618Morphometric analysis of lower end of adult dry femur in south indian population – a cross-sectional observational study and its clinical significanceBiomedicine (India)20200970-2067 M.; Ramachandran K. care Group 2
3221100199840Natural deep eutectic solvent supported targeted solid-liquid polymer carrier for breast cancer therapyRSC Advances20202046-2069 X.; Pradeepkumar P.; Rajendran N.K.; Shakila H.; Houreld N.N.; Al Farraj D.A.; Elnahas Y.M.; Elumalai N.; Rajan M. care Group 2
3363518Necrophilia: A study of the psychoanalysis in the characteristics of the offenders who sexually molest the deadMedico-Legal Update20190971-720X Vasudevan A.; Krishna Dharma P.; Eccleston L. care Group 2
34144770Papillon-Lefevre syndrome: A rare case report and review of literatureHong Kong Journal of Dermatology and Venereology20191814-7453 D.; Elaprolu P.; Taj F.T. care Group 2
3528618Perception of medical students about online learning in the covid-19 eraBiomedicine (India)20210970-2067 K.; Kumar R.D. care Group 2
3663518Psychological autopsy: The psychological assessment of the dead individual’s role in the deathMedico-Legal Update20200971-720X A.K.; Hanumantha; Eccleston L. care Group 2
3713303Pythium keratitis: Clinical course of an emerging scourgeAsian Journal of Ophthalmology20201560-2133 R.; Harwani A.A.; Ravindran R. care Group 2
3821100854850Serum lipid profile and C-Reactive protein as prognostic markers in oral submucous fibrosisJournal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology20220972-1363 K.; Manoharan G.V.M.G.; Muthukumar S. care Group 2
3919700174971Sexual dimorphism in the mandibular canine – A study in South Indian populationIndian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology20190973-9122 J.; Balaji R.V.S.; Anand Kumar V.; Thejaswini P. care Group 2
4021100854850Soft Tissue Calcifications in the Head and Neck Region: A CBCT Based Retrospective StudyJournal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology20220972-1363 B.G.H.; Gopal S.K.; Ganesh M.R.; Nagammai N.; Siddique A. care Group 2
4123343SYNTHESIZED AND HYPOTHESIZED SCHIFF BASE LIGAND AND ITS METAL(II) COMPLEXES DNA BINDING MODEBulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia20231011-3924 G.; Devatarika V.; Haewon B.; Behura S.S.; Lautre H.K.; Subha V.; Sangwan P.; Sunil J. care Group 2
4213732Vertigo: Incidences, Diagnosis and Its Relations with Hearing LossIndian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery20192231-3796 M.; Asokan L.; Sambandan A.P. care Group 2
4319900194914Wound dating by gross and histopathological examination of abrasions – An autopsy based studyJournal of Punjab Academy of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology20180972-5687 P.K.D.R.; Thanka J.; Kumar S.; Arasi S. Care Group 2
4418458Comparison of efficacy and safety of twice-daily Glycopyrronium/Formoterol combination with once-daily Glycopyrronium in patients with moderate to severe COPDEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL20190903-1936, Sundeep; Kumar, Anand; Agrawal, Sumit; Leuva, Amrutlal; Shukla, Vineet; Deshpande, Shrikant; Balamurugan, Santhalingum; Singh, Ajeet; Tikkiwal, Sharad; Gupta, Sandeep; Sawant, Sandesh; Vaidya, Abhijit; Gogtay, Jaideep care Group 2 Journal Index
4521100905984Cruciate retaining total knee arthroplasty has a better 10 year survival than posterior stabilized total knee arthroplasty: a systematic review and meta-analysisJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ORTHOPAEDICS20232197-1153, Raj; Murali, S. M.; Ramanathan, Ashok Thudukuchi; Pereira, Lester; Yadav, C. S.; Anand, Sumit care Group 2 Journal Index
4618458Device handling study of a novel breath actuated inhaler Synchrobreathe vs pMDIEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL20190903-1936, Santhalingam; Apte, Komalkirti; Singh, Bhanu Pratap; Deb, Ashish Kumar; Deshmukh, Chandrahas; Modi, Kinjal; Godse, Ajay; Dhar, Raja; Lahiri, Keya; Singh, Virendra; Pandya, Hiren; Rajan, Sujeet; Vaidya, Abhijit; Gaur, Vaibhav; Gogtay, Jaideep care Group 2 Journal Index
4716400154778Effects of Kegel and General Fitness Exercises in Reducing the Severity of Urinary IncontinenceAn Interventional StudyJOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH20232249-782X, K.; Dixit, Daksha; Sundarasamy, Supadevi care Group 2 Journal Index
4819700174898Efficacy and safety of glycopyrronium/formoterol delivered via a dry powder inhaler in patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Results from a multi-centre, open-label, randomised studyLUNG INDIA20220970-2113, Sundeep; Kumar, Anand; Agrawal, Sumit; Leuva, Amritlal; Shukla, Vineet; Deshpande, Shrikant Vishnu; Balamurugan, Santhalingam; Singh, Ajit; Tikkiwal, Sharad; Gupta, Sandeep K.; Singh, Bhanu; Lopez, Meena; Sawant, Sandesh; Vaidya, Abhijit; Gogtay, Jaideep care Group 2 Journal Index
4916400154778Hepatitis Activity Index and its Clinical and Biochemical Parameters in Liver Diseases-A Retrospective StudyJOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH20222249-782X, Prema Devi; Kannan, Subashree; Haridass, Rajesh; Prathiba, D. care Group 2 Journal Index
5016400154778Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety among Students Preparing for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test- Undergraduate Exam in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaJOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH20222249-782X, Kamatchinathan; Sarojini, Subbarayan; Vikram, Ashokkumar; Sivagurunathan, Chinnaian; Ezhilanan, Mani; Rakshanaa, Ramesh; Maikandaan, Chandrasekar Janaganbose care Group 2 Journal Index
5116400154778Prevalence of Horseshoe Kidneys by Multidetector Computed Tomography in a Tertiary Care Hospital in South IndiaJOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH20202249-782X, Arunthathy; Rajendran, Atshara; Prabhu, V. B. Giri care Group 2 Journal Index
5220996Surgical Training for International Doctors in the United Kingdom: How Do We Improve?BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY20220007-1323, A.; Vinoo, A.; Abualsaud, S.; Eldolify, M.; Jha, G.; Korde, V; Kuttuva, S.; Win, M. M.; Pratap, H.; Sahni, D.; Subbiah, P.; Glenn, S. care Group 2 Journal Index
5319700188435A Cross Sectional Study on Drug Adherence among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in ChennaiIndian Journal of Public Health Research & Development20200976-0245 Krishnan V, Roselin V care Group 2 Journal Index
5419700201139A Study of Electrocardiographic Changes in Acute Cerebrovascular AccidentsJournal of Cardiovasular Disease Research20230975-3583 Pradeep Raj, E Priscilla Rubavathy, S Ravin Devasir, Jai Mangla care Group 2 Journal Index
5521101052764A study on self-care practices among type II diabetes patient attending a rural and urban health training center, TamilnaduInternational Journal of Health Sciences20222550-6978 Gowthaman, SA Meriton, I Katam, MS Regan care Group 2 Journal Index
5619700174904A systematic review of five herbal ingredients for the management of diabetes mellitusAsian Journal of Pharmaceutical Clinical Research20220974-2441 RAHUL, ELUMALAI NANDHAKUMAR care Group 2 Journal Index
5716400154778Brain Natriuretic Peptide Levels in Hypertensive Heart Failure Patients with and without Diabetes Mellitus: A Cross-sectional StudyJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research20222249-782x JASMINE CHANDRA, B SUDAGAR SINGH, P MOHANALAKSHMI, K MAHESH KUMAR, SANTHI SILAMBANAN care Group 2 Journal Index
5821100782386Challenges Faced in Pediatric Cardiology during COVID Pandemic: ReviewJournal of Biology and Today’s World20212322-3308 Zarak Sarwar, Oluwasegun Shoewu, Vidhya Ravichandran, Abdullahi Abubakar Sadiq, Muhammad Sikandar
Karim, Kanza Khan, Sana Khan, Junaid Sarfraz, Ayesha Ahmad, Richard Daudi Chimba, Safi Niazi, Nadeem Iqbal care Group 2 Journal Index
5920125CHANGES IN THE STATUS OF VITAMIN D IN MUSLIM OMEN DUE TO THEIR LIFE STYLE PATTERN AND CULTURAL PRACTICES IN SOUTH INDIAJournal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology20222561-8741 Magadum, Muralikrishnabharadhi, Ravi Chander D, Pranav Shukla care Group 2 Journal Index
6019700175302FGF-21 AS A BONE ADIPOSITY MARKER IN OSTEOPOROSISAnnals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health20200974-6005 Rashmi, P Modagan, SanthiSilambanan care Group 2 Journal Index
614500151504Implicaciones Clínicas en Cirugías de Colgajo Orbitario y Pterional, así como Estudios de Radioimagen para Determinar la Prevalencia Topográfica y la Caracterización del Foramen Meningoorbitario en Órbitas de la Población IndiaInternational Journal of Morphology20200717-9502 Vinayak Mahajan, A Anupriya, G Durga Devi, Nita A Tanna, Nitin Radhakishan Mudiraj, Sangeeta Das care Group 2 Journal Index
6221100301603Multimedia teaching helps in better recall of physiological concepts–Perception of the first year medical students in a South Indian medical collegeNational Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology20192320-4672 S, Prabhu N, Anandarajan B care Group 2 Journal Index
6321100216519Spectrum Of Interesting Lesions In Lymph NodeJourna lof Pharmaceutical Negative Results20222229-7723 Mathew, J Tamilmani, S Karthikeyan,Prema Devi Elangovan,MahendranathPernati care Group 2 Journal Index
6421100216519Utility Of Platelet Indices In Dengue Seropositive Patients: An Observational Study At A Tertiary Care HospitalJournal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results20232229-7723 Jaishree care Group 2 Journal Index
6521101125145Novel gas producing Vibrio cholerae: a case report of gastroenteritis with acute kidney injuryAccess Microbiol20192516-8290 J, Balakrishnan A, Nasimuddin S, Mohan K, Meenakshi-Sundaram P, Mamandur-Devarajan S, Gnanadesikan S, Kandasamy M, Jayakumar N, Elumalai D, Ra GG. care Group 2 Journal Index
6639333Cord blood C peptide levels in gestational diabetes mellitusinternational journal of biochemistry20190020-711X K Vani, Dr Pragna B Dolia & Dr A Renuka care Group 2 Journal Index
6719900192173Prevalence of Psychiatric Morbidity and its Associated Factors among Workers in A Small-Scale Industry: A Cross Sectional StudyInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research20230975-1556 U Karthikeyan,Vol15,Issue7,Article254.pdfC124Ugc care Group 2 Journal Index