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About the Department

The Department of Orthopedics in Sri Muthkumaran Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, Chikkarayapuram, near Mangadu, Chennai -69 is one of the best of its kind in this part of Chennai. It has eminent professors to lead the department, that as 3 units with regular OP on all days and sub-speciality OPs like Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Spine OP on specific days of the week to function with. We have a well coordinated emergency team to deal with all 24 x 7 trauma cases. Our institution has the one of the premier modular Operation theatres(two in number), state of art of its kind, where we perform arthroplasty surgeries, arthroscopy surgeries, spine surgeries and all kinds of trauma surgeries with high level of sterility and precision. All the surgeries are done at very much affordable rate without much waiting period. A regular follow up of post operative patients is being done with care and with empathy. A dedicated, full-fledged physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre (including prosthetics & orthotics) is available for making the patient ambulant at the earliest. We have patients from nearly 5 districts of Tamil Nadu, coming to our OP for availing our service, to their satisfaction.

Head of the Department

HOD of Anatomy is the first stepping stone in laying out a firm foundation for medical aspirants. With the sound grasp of normal body structure; medical professionals are able to reason out a just rationale towards any disease.
Academic teaching comprises of 9 Subdivisions along with Research education to stimulate and boost new ideas in Research domain. Postgraduate and other allied students also undergo training in the department.

The subject dynamism attracts General and Super Speciality surgeons to revisit cadaveric lab for advance skill sharpening and explore new surgical interventions on cadavers.


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