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A sound knowledge of microbiology gives students a foundation in the diagnosis and management of diseases. Microbiology is an ever-expanding science and includes various branches like bacteriology, immunology, virology, parasitology and mycology. Students also undertake research in allied sciences like genetics, biotechnology and immunology.


M.B.B.S. students can expect to be given complete knowledge of contagious diseases in order to deal with the etiology, mode of spread, pathogenesis, laboratory diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of infections in the community. Regular assessments ensure that they are progressing in their coursework.

The postgraduate program in medical microbiology is offered to biology graduates. A thorough foundation is given through theory and practice in basic medical sciences, namely anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pathology, biostatistics as well as in the sub-specialties of microbiology. They are introduced to basic research methodology so that they can take up fundamental and applied research. Students are also trained in teaching methods that enable them to excel in teaching assignments at medical colleges and teaching institutions.

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