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About The Department

General surgery is one of the core clinical departments of primary surgical speciality in Sri Muthukumaran medical college, hospital & research institute since its inception dealing with illnesses related to the skin, breast, thyroid, soft tissue, wound/ulcer care, diabetic foot management , vascular diseases, trauma, abscess, hernias, abdominal conditions associated with oesophagus, stomach, bowel, liver, gall bladder, appendix etc which require interventional (Operative) or conservative management (Non-Operative) by a surgical specialist including minimal invasive procedures like Laparoscopic Appendicectomy, Cholecystectomy etc.

The Department has five units which provide out-patient services, elective and emergency surgical services. The General surgical OPD functions on six days a week. Five unit each in charge of a particular day of the week. Saturday / Sunday admitting units on rotation.

About 150 patients are seen every day in the OPD and emergency services and admissions are made during both times when warranted. There are 3 Male surgical wards (75 beds), 3 female surgical wards (75 beds), special burns wards separately for male and female, a post-operative ward, surgical intensive care unit and a dedicated trauma / casualty ward.

On admission days, the admitting unit will oversee OP, Admissions, Emergency cases while the other units will be occupied with the operation theatre cases, ward rounds, dressing, review cases and academic work as assigned.

The Duty assistant Surgeon (DAS) will be responsible for all surgical inpatient and outpatient care, casualty (Surgical / Trauma), Emergency operative cases, Surgical ward calls from other departments from end of OP at 3:00 pm on admitting day to next day 8:00 am.

Surgical specialities:

Plastic surgeons are available full time on all days. Urologist is available 3 days a week for OP and theatre when procedures like urethroscopy, TURP etc are performed. The surgical gastroenterologist is available 3 days a week for consultation and procedures like diagnostic & therapeutic upper / lower GI endoscopies.

Clinical posting: 2nd MBBS (CBME Phase II) 150 students divided into 3 batches of 50 students each posted for a period of 4 weeks per batch on rotation. 5 units, 10 students per unit.

As per timetable theory classes are covered in the form of lectures (Standalone / Integrated) for 2nd MBBS and early clinical exposure lectures along with nesting of topics for 1st MBBS.

The department lays ample stress on research and has been regularly active in academic programs like presenting cases at the Clinical society meetings, Patho-Surgical Meets, Student presentations & symposium programs, CME programs and implementation of competency based medical education.

Head of the Department

HOD of Anatomy is the first stepping stone in laying out a firm foundation for medical aspirants. With the sound grasp of normal body structure; medical professionals are able to reason out a just rationale towards any disease.
Academic teaching comprises of 9 Subdivisions along with Research education to stimulate and boost new ideas in Research domain. Postgraduate and other allied students also undergo training in the department.

The subject dynamism attracts General and Super Speciality surgeons to revisit cadaveric lab for advance skill sharpening and explore new surgical interventions on cadavers.


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