Sri Muthukumaran Medical College



                                                                                                               CODE OF CONDUCT


This Code of Conduct shall apply to all kinds of conduct of students that occurs on the premises of Sri Muthukumaran Medical College Hospital and Research Institute including in curricular and extra-curricular activities, functions hosted and may have serious consequences or adverse impact on the Institute’s interests or reputation.

All Students are requested to be well conversant with the following Code of conduct:

Students have to be punctual and regular for lecture classes / clinical postings and submission of assignments, records, homework etc., in time. They have to improve the health care of SMMCHRI with the help of the concerned department HOD’s.

Students are encouraged to maintain good academic progress and conduct. Students are expected to develop the habit of wishing Inmates, Faculty and Elders.

Ragging in any form is illegal and is strictly forbidden. Severe action will be taken against those who indulge in ragging, strike or any such undesirable activities. There is a grievance redressal mechanism and issues are to be thus sorted out.

Cell phones and cameras are not allowed to be used inside the campus.

College timing:  8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Students are required to wear their Identity Cards (easily noticeable) whenever they are in the campus and also when they travel using the college transport. Not wearing the identity card will be considered an act of indiscipline.

Leave letter should be counter signed by parents / guardians / hostel warden and submitted to the HOD’s concerned.

The use of alcohol, smoking and drugs are strictly prohibited. A student found using or having used alcohol, drinks, drugs or any other intoxicants will be summarily dismissed from the college.

Birth day celebration not allowed inside the campus.

Counselling is given to the students to improve the academic performance. The mentor for each class will look after the counselling.

Dress code:

Male students should wear formal pants and tuck in shirts with collar. T-Shirts and Jeans are not permitted. Female students are expected to wear Salwar Kameez or Chudidhars, with dupattas neatly pinned.

Boys should use black and brown shoes and leather belt. Girls should use cut shoes. Hawaii slipper not allowed. Footwear used should be securely strapped at the heel.

No loose garments are permitted in the premises.

All the students must wear white over coat (half sleeve) when they are inside the campus of SMMCH RI.


The students appearing for the University theory examinations shall be under the direct disciplinary control of the Chief Superintendent. Possession of cell phone or any electronic/digital device, wrist watches, time pieces, clocks or incriminating materials by a candidate or copying from any such device/bits of paper in the examination hall, is strictly prohibited. Non-compliance in this regard will be reckoned as using unfair means / malpractice in the University Examinations and the examinee will be liable to be punished as per the examination Rules of the University. Once the incriminating material including electronic digital devices etc., items is detected during the examination hours it will be confiscated. Disciplinary action will be initiated if any candidate indulges in any malpractice (unfair means) as enumerated in the University Examination Manual.

Academic Dishonesty:

All forms of academic dishonesty including (but not limited to) cheating in examinations, and facilitating these are punishable. Any student who is found helping in academic dishonesty is also culpable, and liable for disciplinary action.


  • Students should produce their Identity Card at the entrance and record their name and department in the register provided and also record their entry and exit.
  • Students should be dressed in formal wear while using the library.
  • Library users are to maintain silence and appropriate behaviour to ensure a good learning environment.
  • Smoking, refreshments and cell phones are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Bags and personal belongings should be kept in the cubicles at the entrance.
  • Furniture should not be rearranged.
  • Students are requested to take the initiative of notifying the librarian regarding defects found in books and bound volumes.


  1. All inmates of the Hostel shall observe the following Rules for smooth and efficient running of the Hostel and for their comfortable stay.
  2. Only bonafide students of Sri Muthukumaran Medical College Hospital & Research Institute are eligible for Admission to the hostel.
  3. Inmates should not change the rooms allotted to them without the permission of the Dean/ Chief Warden. Inmates are not allowed to occupy other vacant rooms of the Hostel other than the one allowed to them for whatever reasons.
  4. No posters or pictures should be stuck inside and outside the rooms or anywhere around the premises of the hostel or College, window, Doors and walls (except name strips on the room doors). In case the room is found not in order, fine will be levied on the erring students.
  5. Inmates shall be responsible for proper and careful use of furniture and fixtures provided in the rooms and hostel premises.
  6. Inmates should not remove any furniture from the rooms and no extra furniture can be brought in from outside.
  7. Tampering with fixtures and electrical connections are strictly forbidden.
  8. No damage to the property of the Institution should be caused by any students. The cost of such damage will be recovered along with fine from the inmates as determined by the Dean/ Chief Warden and this will not be adjusted with the caution deposit.
  9. Inmates shall switch off fans and lights before leaving their rooms.
  10. No parent/ guests or day scholars are permitted to stay in the Hostel.
  11. Vehicles (Two-Wheeler /Four-Wheeler), Cell phones, cameras are not permitted inside the college premises of SMMCHRI.
  12. The inmates are advised to close the taps after use in order to avoid wastage of water.
  13. Wastage are to be disposed of only in the dustbins provided and if this rule is violated the entire floor occupants will be fined.
  14. Inmates shall eat in the dining hall and there will be no room service. Inmates are not allowed to take food to their rooms.
  15. Mess fees should be paid every month within 7 days from the date the mess bill is put up on the notice board.
  16. Hostellers are not allowed to leave or enter the Hostel after 7.00 Pm everyday.
  17. All rooms, Corridors, Toilets etc. must be kept clean and any student who violates the rule shall be dismissed from the Hostel.
  18. Inmates shall keep their area noise free.
  19. All complaints regarding Toilets, Water and Power supply should made to the Resident Warden through the complaint book.
  20. Visitors shall be allowed only between 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM to the Hostel and can meet students only in the visitor’s hall.
  21. Consumption of Alcoholic beverages, Drugs and smoking inside the Hostel premises is strictly prohibited. If violated the students will be expelled from the hostel and if necessary, from the college too.
  22. Male hostellers should not wear shorts, bermudas and Lungis outside the Hostel rooms. Female students when coming out of the rooms should wear Churidhar, Salwar and Sarees only.
  23. Those who are not complying with the above-mentioned Rules shall be liable for such punishment as may be imposed by the Dean and they will not be permitted to stay in the Hostel.
  24. A responsible person parent /guardian who will comply with the formalities and procedures of admitting / vacating the hostel must accompany candidate seeking admission for Hostel accommodation. No inmates will be allowed to vacate the hostel in the middle of the Academic year.
  25. Inmates of the hostel are expected to be in their rooms before 7.00 Pm. They will not be permitted to enter/ Leave after 7.00 PM. Hostellers wishing to stay outside after this time limited due to unavoidable circumstances have to obtain prior permission in the prescribed format from the chief Warden / Dean, along with a letter from the parent/ guardian.
  26. Inmates who go home for holidays/ Vacation will have to get out pass signed by the Chief Warden and Dean.
  27. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and severe action will be taken against those who indulge in such activities and will be reported to police.
  28. The inmates are expected not to damage any hostel property. The cost of damages incurred in the room or in the premises will be borne by the inmates concerned/ a fine will be levied. Fans and lights must be put off, when the room is locked, if found, a fine of Rs. 100/- will be levied.
  29. Inmates should not involve in any undesirable activities (such as smoking, drinking, gambling, writing on walls / doors etc.,) within the campus strict silence should be observed between 7.00PM and 7.30 AM.
  30. If an inmate is ill, the resident warden will make suitable arrangement to take care of the inmate.
  31. Students are strictly instructed not to keep valuables/ cash in the Hostel room. If cash valuables are lost the management is not responsible.
  32. A student, who once reserves his/her seat by paying the fee for Hostel accommodation, will not be eligible for refund if he /she chooses not to stay in the hostel till the course completion.
  33. Any complaints / suggestions should be addressed in writing through the respective wardens to the Chief Warden.

Inmates are strictly prohibited from staying back in hostel during class hours unless prior permission is obtained from the chief warden, stating the reason. If found in the hostel during class hours, strict action will be taken.